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Motor and Mechanical repair


Servo Motors

We can repair your servo motors. All of our motor repairs receive new bearings and seals on top of repairing the issue that caused the failure. They also get cleaned, baked and painted.   Whether you have servo motors on your CNC's, robots, or other machines, we can repair them.  Resolvers, Serial encoders and Incremental encoders, we know them all.  Contact us if you have a servo motor that you need repaired. 

AC/DC Motors

Send your Ac and DC motors to us to get repaired. We will diagnose the issue and get it repaired, refurbished, and tested.  Just like our other services, we make sure to go the extra mile with your motors to make sure they function and look like new. All motors Coe with a 1 year warranty.  We do not wind motors but we work with the best winders in the industry to provide high quality work.

Wrists and Gearboxes

Sherman Industries can repair your robot wrists and gearboxes. We will repair faulty issues and verify the backlash is to specification on all repairs. Your wrists and gearboxes will return functioning and looking like new. Contact us to discuss repairing your wrists or gearboxes. 

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