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Send us your faulty cables and we can build you a new cable at a fraction of the cost of the OEM.  When we receive your faulty cable we will pin it out and make a print. Once a print is made we will identify all connectors and pins needed and will build you a new cable. We use cable that is rated for high flex count and durability. 

Robot Cables & Harnesses

Sherman Industries can save you a lot of money on your robot cables and harnesses while providing high quality cables and fast turn around times. We build internal robot harnesses, Power cables, Feedback cables, Teach pendant cables, and much more. Only thing that is ever reused on Sherman Industries robot harnesses are mounting fixtures such as casted motor covers and mounting brackets. Your harness will come back as a brand new cable/harness!

CNC and Machine Cables

We can build and rebuild your CNC and machine cables.  We can build feedback cables, motor cables, control cables, and more. We make sure the cable we use is rated for your application and will not fail under stress or harsh environments.  All cables come with a 1 year functionality warranty. Warranty covers everything other than physical damage, misuse, and improper mounting. 

we Build cables to order

Once we have a pin out and print on a cable, we can build as many of them as you need. When we create a print for a cable, we put that print in out database so when you need one in the future, we can just build it from the print instead of having to pin out an old cable and make another print every time. 

We build custom Cables

We build custom cables for our customers. If you have a project that you are working on that you need a cable for, contact us and we will work with you to build you a cable that fits your project. We also can mass produce cables for manufactured components.  We build custom cables for all of our custom automation projects and machines.  Having a cable that you can disconnect and reroute is a lot more convenient and appealing than running conduit and conductors. 

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