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Preventative Maintenance

Ensure Longevity

Robot preventative maintenance is critical to ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of robotic systems in manufacturing environments.  By adhering to OEM maintenance schedule, manufacturers can extend the lifespan of their industrial robots, optimize operational efficiency, and ultimately reduce overall maintenance costs over the robot's lifecycle.

Tailored Programs

We provide PM programs tailored to you and your needs.  No matter how many robots you have, we have preventative maintenance plans that fit your needs.  We will schedule all robot PM's in advance to ensure you have your robots running optimally when you need them. 

A Tier Above

Our robot PM's are a tier above industry standard. Our preventative maintenance plans include the OEM recommended maintenance as well as additional services such as a full system backup, backlash checks, detailed condition reports, and more.  We provide a detailed report that will breakdown the condition of the robot and recommendations.  

A Backup, Backup

While our experienced service engineers are on-site performing preventative maintenance on your robots, we will take a full backup of every system.  We will give you a copy of each robots backup on a flash drive, and we will file a copy as well. Therefore, if you are ever in need, you know that Sherman Industries has a copy of the backup from the last time we did the PM. 

Control Cabinet Service

  • Full System Backup

  • Replace Batteries

  • Replace Filters

  • Clean and Inspect Fans

  • Wiring Inspection

Robot/Manipulator Service

  • Replace Grease and/or Oil

  • Replace Batteries

  • Bolt Check

  • Inspect Seals

  • Inspect Motor Brakes for Slippage

  • Check Backlash in Axis'

  • Inspect Robot Harnesses

  • Inspect Connectors

  • Quick Wipe Down

  • Fill Counter Balance (Older Robots)

  • Inspect Belts (If Applicable)

Additional Services

  • Full Backup on Flash Drive

  • Backup Filing

  • Condition Report

  • Oil/Grease Analysis

  • Recommended Service/Repair

Robot Brands Supported

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Contact Us To Schedule Your Robot Preventative Maintenance (PM)

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