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Robot Refurbishment

We make used robots function and look like new!


Fanuc refurb before.JPG


Fanuc Refurb after.jpg

The highest quality Refurbished Robots

 Whether you have us refurbish one of your robots, or if you buy a refurbished robot from us, they are of the highest quality in the industry. We take extra steps other companies don't to ensure our robots look land function like new, as well as be reliable for whatever application they are used for.  


We replace bearings and seals in all 6 motors

We refurbish all electronics down to the component level

We build new cable harnesses for the manipulator

We check backlash in all axis' and realign gears

We deeply clean, sand, and repaint 

as well as much more including a thorough run in.

OUR Refurbished robots come with a 1 year warranty

Save money

Whether you are having us refurbish an old robot that you have, or you want to buy a refurbished robot from us, you are saving a lot of money.  We can refurbish your robots for a fraction of what it costs to buy a new one.  If you buy a refurbished robot from us they are usually less than 50% of the cost of new. Contact us to talk how refurbished robots can help you grow your business and outperform your competitors. Visit our "Engineering Services" tab to read about how we can integrate your robots as well as build custom robot cells and other automation systems.

Our Refurbished robots being put to work

2x ABB IRB6400 M2000 Robots that we refurbished and integrated.  We integrated these robots to transfer workpieces from Die to Die on this press cell


IRB 1400 M2000

Robot and IPBP 250 Positioner refurbished and integrated as a welding cell for a customer in Missouri. 

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