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Robot Integration


Custom Robot Cells

Add Robots To Your workforce

Industrial robots are critical to the future of manufacturing. Sherman Industries integration division provides innovative solutions to meet customer-specific industrial robot application needs.   Industrial robots can help you increase output, efficiency, consistency, and returns as well as decrease safety issues.   Sherman Industries can integrate robots to your existing machines and lines, or design and build custom robot cells and automation solutions to suit your application. 


 Palletizing           Machine Tending             Welding                  Laser Cutting


            Milling                      Painting                   Adhesives                 Sanding

Sorting             Sandblasting              Assembly                    Inspection          



Collaborative Robots

Vision Guided Robots

Integrate to existing machines

  There are many options when integrating robots to machines you already have.  We can build a cell adding a robot to your machine or we can integrate a collaborative robot to your machine to be ran in harmony with your personnel.  We can also help you with integrating several machines together to be built into a line that is fully automated and operated with robots alone or operated with robots and people in sync.

Custom Robot Cells

Sherman Industries can design and build you a custom robot cell to suite your application and industry.  We will work with you throughout the design process and integration to make sure we are meeting the your needs and that the cell is performing exactly how you'd like it to. Whether you want a single robotic welding cell, or you want a whole line built functioning with several robots, we will provide you the solutions you are looking for. We can build you semi-automatic cells that rely on an operator to start each cycle, or we can build you a fully automated system that will run for hours without need for any human interaction. Contact us to discuss how we can build you a custom robot cell that fits your business perfectly


Robots can allow you to fully automate some of the operations in your plant.  In todays world manufacturers need to be prepared to be able to run production with a limited work force. Automating your lines and operations allows you to do this and will make you significantly more profitable in the long term. Some of our customers break even on their investment of an automated cell within a few months. We can go through the numbers with you to calculate your ROI and when you will expect to break even on the investment and start to profit. 


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