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Control Solutions 



  We custom design and build your PLC control system specific to project requirements.  We can add a PLC and instrumentation to automate a manual machines or add a series of PLC's to a cell or lines to communicate and fully automate a process or system.  We can add HMI's to enable human interaction with your plc and control machine operation or settings. Our engineers will work with you to program your PLC's to function the way you want them to and monitor the run in of your machine to troubleshoot and verify the PLC is programmed to perform suited to your machine and expectations.  Whether you want to capture data and production information through your PLC or you'd like to use integrated motion to control servo motors with your PLC.  The capabilities are endless with PLC's. Contact us to discuss your automation and PLC projects. 


PLC/HMI Programming

Automation Safety

Integrated Motion

PLC Retrofit

Panel Building

Data Acquisition

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